Why localizing voice over is important

Let’s assume you love movies or TV programs. Imagine that you are watching an Asian action movie or TV program. All the characters were speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, or maybe Japanese. Anyway you don’t have a clue since you can’t speak those languages. What’s even worse is there is no subtitle in your native language. It would be a bit hard for you to understand all the details. But luckily, it’s an action movie, all you need to enjoy is the fantastic actions…

Subtitle in your native language is the first step to improve the user experience. But it would be even better if the voice over is also in your native language. That case you won’t need to pay attention on the bottom to read the sentences and can focus on all the elements appearing on the screen. It could be a tiny face movement while the character is smiling, the LED light which shows the laptop’s webcam is currently turning on, or maybe the character’s eyes are quickly turning to see another character.

Once you localized your video’s voice over, you can expect your target audience will be more focusing on what you are selling.


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